terça-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2016

Hollande and Cameron are "targets" in new video of Daesh

Are 17 minutes of violence, threats to the West and some of the major world leaders.

The video that the Group Islamic State now released glorifies the authors of the attacks of November 13 in Paris. Assembly and presentation are at the level of the best media professionals.

The terrorists are presented with the names of war and how the nine Lions of the Caliphate. Salah Abdeslam is absent.

#Paris attacks 9 terrorists identified in #Dabiq13 #EI #ParisAttacks pic.twitter.com/oP9vaQDPab

We know their identities. Four were French, born in France, from the outskirts of Paris, Char tres, of Alsace and of Belgium, in the case of one of them. Three were Belgians, all of the District of Molenbeek in Brussels. The other two have not been formally identified. Iraqi allegedly entered Europe through Greece, with Syrian passports, presumably false.

The video was, in part, filmed before the attacks. In addition to the scenes of executions, including chilling messages on the part of the terrorists, as one in which a militant of the movement calling for the deaths of "infidels".

François Hollande recognizes the degree of threat and decided to prolong the State of emergency in France: "If I took steps to extend the State of emergency, is because its the threat exists, but not compromise on anything. Nor means to defend our country, nor on our freedoms. These images just come disqualify even more the authors of the attacks, "said the French President.

François Hollande and the British Prime Minister David Cameron are presented, in the video, as targets.

The words "kill them wherever they are," a verse of the Quran out of context, is repeated incessantly.

The threats are being taken very seriously by Western Governments.

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