domingo, 3 de janeiro de 2016

Obama wants to redouble efforts against gun violence

The "epidemic of violence" in the United States Navy is the largest "unfinished business" of Barack Obama in the White House, for that-announced u.s. President â€" it is necessary to redouble efforts in the last year of his term.

The message was announced by head of State in the first weekly year speech.

"On Monday I will meet with our Attorney Loretta Lynch to discuss options. I keep getting too many letters to parents, teachers and children, so I can't be passive â€" are responsible carrying letters of arms who deplore the tragedies happen; who share my idea that the second article of the Constitution provides the right to bear arms; and that share my hospital that we can protect this right preventing irresponsible and dangerous individuals hurt on a massive scale, "he said.

Obama will be considering next decrees to prevent the Republican-dominated Congress in order to generalize the psychiatric profile verification and background checks of gun buyers judicial.

"The weapons lobby is strong and well organized in defense of providing weapons for all. On our part, we must also be motivated and so well organized in defense of our children. I hope you will join me in the quest to make America safer for our children, "asked Obama.

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