sexta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2016

Russia: Islamists near the Islamic State claim attack on Dagestan

The victim would be, according to Russian news agencies, a member of the Russian border guard who was in Darbent, tourist region of Dagestan.

Was in social networks jihadists that the authorship of the attack is assumed by an Islamist militant group that autointitula as the province of the Islamic State in the Caucasus.

The militants secured, on the other hand the goal were the Russian intelligence services.

The Russian Republic of Dagestan is located in the Caucasus Mountains and borders Chechnya, geopolitically unstable region by separatist movements fighting against the power of Moscow.

The attack was allegedly carried out by three unknown resulted in dead and eleven wounded by gunshot, according to figures by the major news agencies advanced Russian and broadcast by local media.

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