quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2016

Syria: Negotiations in Geneva under threat

Even if the talks proceed, in refugee camps, as in Zaatari, in Jordan, a long time ago that if you've lost all hope:

"This Conference is going to be like the others. While this scheme is removed there is no solution for Syria. The scheme is a failure, forced us to abandon the houses. All he did was to trap and kill people. Now, the Russian planes are attacking civilians and there is no country in the world that is next to the Syrian people. "

"We've been here for five years. During this time had two conferences in Geneva. Now we have the third. However we didn't see results on the ground, there is no truce and the children and the elderly continue to be victims of bombs. No one is able to do anything, not even a cease-fire, no one did anything. "

Since the beginning of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, in 2011, more than 250 1000 people died and nearly four million were forced seek shelter away from home.

Who's who in the war in Syria via country https://t.co/IyoTQHL9QT<p>-João P. Monteiro (JPMonteiro) 27 janeiro 2016

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