quarta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2016

"Typo" embarrasses attacks ceremonies against Charlie Hebdo

The France recalls starting today and until Sunday the 17 victims of the attack against the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

A year after the attack, three commemorative plaques were descerradas in Paris by the French President, François Hollande, near the former headquarters of the newspaper, where a police officer was killed and a Jewish grocery store, where four clients were slaughtered during a kidnapping.

A ceremony rocked by a typo in the evocative of 11 card designers and journalists from Charlie Hebdo, the name of the cartoonist Wolinski, spelled with a "Y".

"Wolinsky», the huge foul on commemorative plaque of #CharlieHebdo https://t.co/y3PJ4QuCx6 to pic.twitter.com/G2gRfZzrVM

The organizers were forced to go back to cover the plate, waiting for it to be replaced.

So the plate rue Nicolas Appert after spelling on Wolinski error... CC pic.twitter.com/7zKfE96Nw2-@davidperrotin

A year later, the official acts must match on Sunday, with a ceremony evocative of the victims of all terrorist attacks in Paris last year.

To mark the date, the satirical newspaper publishes a Special Edition, this Wednesday, whose cover is creating a new controversy.

#CharlieHebdo: 1 year after the bombing anniversary number pulled in 1 million copies https://t.co/CjPQ6IhKRp to pic.twitter.com/5fA8yRJ69D

On the first page, a caricature of a bloodthirsty God, armed with a kalashnikov, intends to illustrate the alleged responsible the attacks that, according to the newspaper, is still at large.

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