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UN approves supervise implementation of the peace agreement in Colombia

The United Nations Security Council adopted unanimously, oversee the ongoing peace process in Colombia, between the Government and the revolutionary armed forces.

The resolution adopted in New York involves a political mission of observers in Colombia as soon as it is on paper the final agreement between the parties.

. UN Security Council approves mission to monitor peace deal between <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/Colombia?src=hash">#Colombia</a> and FARC <a href="https://t.co/1u7ANRMFbO">https://t.co/1u7ANRMFbO</a> <a href="https://t.co/UeCwIthG7B">pic.twitter.com/UeCwIthG7B</a><p>â€" UN News Centre (UN_News_Centre) 25 janeiro 2016

President Juan Manuel Santos thanks: "the decision taken by the Security Council means that, from now on, we're not alone. Let's take the hand of the UN and of the world until the end of the war. Is the best guarantee of compliance. "

The end of the conflict half a century â€" the longest under way in Latin America â€" had a strong boost in Cuba, for 4 months. Raul Castro in Havana sponsored the handshake between the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and the leader of the FARC, Timoléon Jiménez, known as "Timochenko", sealing the commitment to sign a final peace agreement within 6 months.

For more than three years on the table, the ongoing peace process waits now that the ceasefire between the parties and the disarmament of the guerrillas stay in black and white and is transpos ed to the ground with the UN to supervise.

Founded in 1964, the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia, who joins also the term "people's Army", had on the basis of a peasant rebellion suppressed with violence around 1948. The members were Liberals, had the support of the Colombian Communist Party and evolved into the largest paramilitary group in South America. It is assumed that approximately 7000 combatants integrated in.

The decision came in response to the proposal of the revolutionaries, a few days before release of guerrillas jailed as a new gesture of confidence in the talks and one day after the joint request to the UN for the formation of a mission of international observers to supervise the cease-fire.

Chancellor and Secretary General of the United Nations met to discuss the peace process in Colombia pic.twitter.com/HelQWiL6L6

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