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Brazil and Angola have increased levels of corruption in 2015

Brazil and Angola are both representatives of the community of Portuguese language countries (CPLP) in fall in the index of lack of corruption of 2015, which includes 168 countries around the world (against 175 in 2014) and is published this Wednesday for the International process Transparecy, a global anti-corruption coalition.

How #corrupt are #Africa countries considered? Bad news. Avg score = 33/100. https://t.co/49MVeArkDy #timeforjustice pic.twitter.com/kg9Bqy1YH7

Some experts of International process Transparecy for Spanish 10% slippage over the past 4 years with the financial crisis and the consequent austerity measures. The funny thing is, for example, Portugal and Greece were affected by the same problems and were even under the financial rescue "troika" and improved the respective classification.

The index orders the countries on a scale from 0 to 100 points; the lower the score the highest will be the lack of corruption in the respective country.

The EU and Western Europe had the best regional average (67), while sub-Saharan Africa recorded the worst (33).

The International process Transparecy ensures that content that promotes annually is the most commonly used indicator to control the levels of corruption in the world. The Coalition explains that this study is composed using "combination of research and assessments of corruption, collected by a variety of reputable institutions."

“If the EU is concerned about corruption then there’s a long way to go” https://t.co/bEsI8zrszR #timeforjustice pic.twitter.com/jMabZLldLj

"The numbers are there, in black and white. It's a dramatic decline for a country used to be in the top-20 of the index of corruption before the financial crisis, "Carl Dolan.

Examples are, for example, the prison the January 26, 10 people in the region of Valencia, including a former President of the Popular Party (PP), as a result of an investigation into an alleged corruption network. Or the alleged scheme involving former Treasurer of PP, Luis Bárcenas, accused of having made secret payments to high figures of the party, with an Endowment Fund of businessmen.

The Greece registered the best nresultado between the "28", giving a jump of 27.78 per 100, jumping of 36 points, in 2012, to 46 last year. This could suggest that the crisis will not have had the same negative effects recorded in Spain.

Carl Dolan that should fit better the Greek case: "as a rule, Greece and EU Member State the worst in our lack of corruption index, so this is good news, it's getting better, but we must point out that the Greeks started from a very low position and still have a long way to go."

"In contrast with Spain, what we are seeing in Greece is a serious attempt [Hellenistic] Parties solve the problem of corruption. There have been many anti-corruption investigations, in particular in the defence sector, "the Director of the coalition.

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