quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2016

USA: Sarah Palin wants to "kick in the ass" ISIL "

After two days of speculation about a "big announcement" from Donald Trump, a candidate for the Republican's campaign reported, anyway, have received the backing of Sarah Palin.

Active in the ultra-conservative Tea Party movement, accompanied Palin on Tuesday and on Wednesday the events in Iowa, where the State primaries will begin within two weeks. Today was at the rally with Trump in Oklahoma where appealed to vote.

For Sarah Palin, Donald Trump is the only candidate capable of defeating the political apparatus and condisera that the other candidates, supported by the elites, "are politically correct with a belt of explosives."

"Are you ready to have a Chie f of staff able to kick ass in the Group Islamic State?"

Former Governor of Alaska, Palin was chosen by John McCain to join his team in the 2008 presidential against Barack Obama.

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