terça-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2016

Afghan refugees willing to go ahead with a hunger strike

5000 migrants on the border between Greece and Macedonia and at least another 4000 in Piraeus port that serves Athens.

Thousands of refugees are blocked after Macedonia and Serbia have closed the borders to citizens of Afghan origin.

The Greek Government guarantees be negotiating a solution to the problem, that the refugees face as life or death.

"Our plan is to cross the border or die there. There's no hurry to get back to Afghanistan. All of us, me in particular, are an easy target for the Taliban in Afghanistan "means an Afghan.

Another is the point: "we're going to be he re. We're not going to camp, we won't even eat. Let's go on a hunger strike. "

The Greek Islands remain the main gateway in Europe. Many refugees follow after trip to Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. The situation complicated after Vienna has decided to limit the daily number of requests for asylum and the persons authorised to cross the border.

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