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Battle of Aleppo: balance of dead since February 1 already exceeds the 500

The offensive of the Syrian regime, supported by the Russian air force, has caused the death of 506 people on both sides of the barricade of the so-called "battle of Aleppo". The current second largest city in Syria is divided from 2012, but the Government of Bashar al-Assad put it as a priority in advancing against the rebel forces of the opposition, especially now with the strong support of Moscow.

According to the Syrian Observatory for human rights, the offensive started in February will have killed at least 89 civilians, including 23 children. These figures, however, lack of independent confirmation.

Offensive of the Syrian regime in Aleppo stops more than 500 dead https://t.co/k3vGTRARZH

The flow of refugees also have increased from Aleppo. Until Tuesday, at least 65000 people had fled the city to the North, towards Turkey, and more than 130,000 for the interior of Syria.

The Damascus regime has been gaining various positions the rebels towards the North of the country and, with the eventual conquest of Aleppo, Bashar al-Assad would control the axis between Damascus and Aleppo, near the border with Turkey, with Hims.

5 years of conflict. 250,000 dead. More than half the country displaced. Feb 4 & always, we must #SupportSyrians pic.twitter.com/RaPRzV6oi5

About of 30000 refugees, most of them women and children, remain in the cold and in extremely precarious c onditions, on the Turkish border post of Oncupinar, that Ankara remains closed. "Our goal is to keep this wave of migrants across the border from Turkey, providing them with the necessary services," said Tuesday the Deputy Prime Minister, Numan Kurtulmus.

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