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USA: Pessimism of the electorate gives wings to Sanders and Trump

The wrath of voters Republicans and Democrats won the primaries in New Hampshire, where the most radical speeches to each training were top of the votes.

In the Democratic field, the unapologetically "Socialist" Bernie Sanders managed to outshine Hillary Clinton by more than 20% of the vote, on a night in which the so-called "apparatus" of the parties were the big losers at the polls.

"We have to be United in a few months and join this party and this country, because we cannot let our opponents, the right-wing Republicans, may win the Presidency," said Bernie Sanders, who won 60% of the vote, compared with 39% of Hillary Clinton.

The former Secretary of State suffer s a first review, after having won the primaries in Iowa, and when the Hispanic and African-American electorate vote if announces the continuation of the race.

In the Republican field, Donald Trump confirmed the favoritism of the polls, resisted in the first test in Iowa.

The millionaire candidate came well ahead of opponents, with 35% of the vote, putting all other favorites under 12%.

Donald Trump thanked the result, recalling the campaign programme:

"I'm going to be the greatest President of the job that god ever created. Remember this ... We'll make our country stronger. We're going to start winning again because we're not winning as a country, we gain in trade and military level because we can't defeat the Group Islamic State ".

The Ohio Governor John Kasich came in second place with 15 percent of votes, followed by Ted cross with 12% and the remaining party heavyweights.

A victory for the anti-establishment discourse within the two parties, when, according to the poll, 73 percent of Americans pessimistic about the shows towards the country.

The battle of the primaries will proceed with a first test in conservative territory, during the primaries in South Carolina, on 20 and 27 February.

The complete schedule of primaries for the White House:

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