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Castro and Hollande: a new stage in relations between Cuba and the EU

"President Obama (...) must (...) allow the end this vestige of the cold war-François Hollande "

Raúl Castro and Francois Hollande agreed this Monday, a roadmap for the development of relations between Havana and Paris.

This is the first visit to France and Europe of the Cuban President, in return for the visit of the French President to Cuba last year-the first of a European leader to the island, after the normalization of relations between the island and the United States.

To Raúl Castro, is the open door to Europe: "We appreciate France's leadership in the promotion of the construction of a new stage in relations between the EU and Cuba."
#ENVIVO "Opened a new stage in relations between Cuba and the EU": Raúl Castro https://t.co/mCKoNp73Oa pic.twitter.com/yhnE2QYXYe

François Hollande, for his part, reiterated the French will quickly see made official the end of the u.s. embargo on the island: "President Obama, who has made numerous gestures, must â€" as he himself said â€" go to the within and allow the end this vestige of the cold war."

François Hollande asked Barack Obama to "go to the end" in the removal of sanctions against Cuba [Video] https://t.co/mCKoNpoEFI

During this first day of the visit, the two countries signed a series of agreements, opening the door to closer cooperation in sectors such as the economy, finance, education or culture.

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