terça-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2016

Central European countries help Macedonia control flow of migrants

For the many thousands of refugees concentrated in Greece, near the border with the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, cross is an increasingly difficult task.

A group of countries of Central Europe (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia) discusses this Monday ways to help Macedonia to stem the flow of migrants. The country has limited the passage to Syria's natural, from Iraq and Afghanistan. Still, that represents a stream of 1500 people per day.

The Germany fears that a strengthening of the border on the part of Macedonia make it harder for Greece.

The Greek Government promised for this week the opening of a Centre for identification, also calle d "hotspot", on the island of Kos. An idea that is not to the liking of many of the island's residents, who fear that the "hotspot" might scare away tourists. This Sunday, the Greek police used tear gas to disperse a demonstration against the installation of the Center.

‘No’ to the hotspot (migrant processing centre). Protest poster in #Kos. #refugeecrisis pic.twitter.com/hn8uSlH1hI

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