domingo, 21 de fevereiro de 2016

Germany little familiarity with record sales of weapons

German arms exports doubled, in 2015, compared with the previous year, and reached the 8 1000 million euros.

The current Government is little familiarity with this record, since Berlin wanted an arms sales policy more "restrictive".

Germany’s arms exports at 7.5 billion Euros despite promises to restrict sales #Germany #weapons

When it came to the Government, in 2013, Sigmar Gabriel, a social democrat Vice-Chancellor and economy Minister, announced to want to put an end to "lax" practices that lead to exports of arms for authoritarian regimes.

#Rüst ungsexporte 2015, now including collecting export permits (via jan_vanaken): <a href=""></a><p>-Marcel Pauly (marcelpauly) 19 Février 2016

But these sales, especially the Leopard tanks to Qatar, are the result of contracts signed by the previous Government.

"We checked if it was possible to go back in the law on foreign trade in arms. But we realized that it was impossible to do so without the agreement of the Ministers of the former Government, which led to the adoption of the law on control of guns, "admitted the Vice-Chancellor.

Regarding the sale of patrol ships to Saudi Arabia, which supports the Yemen, the social Democrat Minister in the grand coalitio n stated that nothing's been decided yet and that the business will be rediscutido.

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