sábado, 20 de fevereiro de 2016

The Antipodes of us Greece Austria in the debate on immigration in the EU

The Austria back to shake the European debate on immigration control, to impose since today daily quota of refugees in Spiefeld, on the border with Slovenia.

Vienna will limit the 3200 entries and to 80 the number of asylum applications daily, when it announces that it will continue to strengthen border controls.

The country had already threatened to close the borders in the coming months, when it reaches the maximum quota annually.

A position he returned to be defended today by the Austrian Chancellor, during the European Council meeting in Brussels.

"If every country took t he decision to limit the number of migrants, as we in 37.500 people, in proporoção with our population, this would mean more than two million people this year. I think that even with good will we can't go there this annual quota, unless someone wants to welcome them all, but this would never work, "said Werner Faymann.

The measure, imposed by Vienna, is strongly criticized by the European Union and Germany, who try without success to put into practice a plan of distribution of migrants and strengthen cooperation with Turkey.

Meeting with Angela Merkel and the French President, François Hollande, in Brussels, the Greek Prime Minister showed concern with the position of Austria and several Eastern European countries.

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