domingo, 14 de fevereiro de 2016

Greek farmers block Athens against more taxes

After the violent clashes during the day, with nightfall tempers calmed down but vehicles and crowds blocked the streets near Parliament.

"We didn't get out of here, unless the Government withdraws its plans. Farmers are the backbone of the economy, is all I have to say, "said a farmer from the Greek Parliament.

"So we can't live, can't survive. We're here for a national cause. The Greek State has collapsed and we are here to try to paste the pieces, "said another farmer.

In addition to the farmers, various professional groups are against the Government's intention to increase taxes and tripling the contributions for retirement.

"A year ago, farmers were at the forefront of supporters of Syriza and their votes were a considerable help for Alexis Tsipras and his party arrive to power. But the tides have changed and now the farmers are among the most diehard opponents of the Syriza and governmental plans to increase social security contributions, "clarified the Euronews correspondent.

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