segunda-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2016

Greece: Farmers protest for second day

Since yesterday, the protesters camping out in front of the Parliament, the disgruntled have joined some professionals and unions.

"We didn't come here to beg. We came with dignity. We suffered a lot to get here, we suffer to live with dignity, to keep our children and our land ".

"It's a fight for survival so we can retire to 67 years and so that our children may be able to make a living off of the fields".

Alexis Tsipras's Government is locked in negotiations with lenders on the first review of its rescue program worth 86 1000 million euros.

"When taxes reach the 60% of ta xable income, it is impossible that the farmer earn money. There is no way out of the fields with all these measures, it is impossible. Therefore, our struggle will continue, otherwise we will stop producing. There's nothing else to do! ".

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