segunda-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2016

Hungary: Teachers and students demonstrating against the centralisation of the education system

"Students are overloaded. They have to watch the 35-38 lessons per week, and we still have to add the study time at home. So basically, they have to spend more time studying than adults with their work, "says professor Istvan Suszter

In addition to a reduction of hours of teaching, teachers want freedom in choosing textbooks.

"The Government policy on education is a shame. I don't want to be the passive part of the system, I want my voice to be heard. I want my needs as a student are fulfilled, "clarifies the College student Kazmer Kovacs

The protesters argue that the current system is overloading students with a mandatory content superfluous, and increases t he administrative duties of teachers.

Next week, the teachers ' unions decide to advance to a national strike

The Government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban took control of the schools, which previously was exercised by local authorities, has increased the workload of teachers and implemented a new curriculum where are used books that, according to critics, have errors.

The protesters believe that the reforms are part of a plan to centralize that Viktor Orban has been implementing over the past six years, and who put the means of social communication and other public institutions under the control of his Government.

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