quinta-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2016

Greek farmers block border with Macedonia

Thousands of Greek farmers protested Tuesday against the pensions reform package whose implementation is required by international lenders.

Hundreds of tractors blocked the border with Macedonia releasing chaos on the main highways of the country.

"Lenders require specific reforms that mean the death of farmers. We're not going to be killed by this Government or any other political party. We're going to stay here, and where necessary, to fight. This protest is just a sample of what we can do, "says Minsioudis Mavroudis, a Greek farmer present at the protest.

The borders with Bulgaria and Turkey were also affected. The protests will last two weeks ago but are now intensifying.

The Bulgarian Prime Minister appealed on Tuesday to Alexis Tsipras to resolve this crisis.

To be approved, the pension reform would increase three times social security contributions as well as double the taxes paid on income.

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