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International Coalition promises to "keep the pressure" against the Islamic State

More efforts to win the Islamic State is the commitment of the 23 member countries of the international coalition against jihadist group, which declared themselves, too, worried about the situation in Libya.

Meeting in Rome, the heads of diplomacy have agreed to increase air strikes, accelerate the training of the security forces or advance for clearance of the territories.

"Let's keep pressing, crushing the Islamic State on all sides, destroy attempts to settle elsewhere, cutting their funding and exposed to daylight the lies. And we are determined to use all resources available to keep the offensive on all fronts, "said the Secretary of State, John Kerry.

#Gentilon i, #Kerry and anti-Coalition Isis: "Crush #Daesh in every corner of the world" https://t.co/CjLwe1xjbQ pic.twitter.com/jJ7UVdpLE2

The Ministers welcomed the victories on the ground, with the Islamic State to lose 40% of conquered territories in Iraq, for example, and to achieve "tangible results" in Syria, thanks above all to the air strikes.

John Kerry spoke of 10000 air strikes against training camps and bases of heavy artillery of E.I. and also said the formation of 20000 Iraqi soldiers and Kurdish peshmerga.

"But we have said that we don't need triumphalism; that, in Iraq, we need to continue engaging at both military, to recapture, the Islamic State, major cities, as the level of consolidation of areas that are released, "warne d Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Paolo Gentiloni also spoke of the threat of Islamic State in Libya, a country that is less than 350 km from the Italian coast. The Italian Prime Minister reiterated the need to support a Government of national unity, in Libya, but ruled out any kind of military intervention in the country.

The plan to combat e. I will be discussed in detail next week in Brussels.

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