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Hungarian referendum may violate European treaties according to EU

Brussels doubts the legality of the referendum drafted by Hungary to the plan of distribution of migrants in the EU.

The query, still no date had been announced yesterday by Prime Minister Viktor von Orban, as a way, he said, "to defend the country's sovereignty".

For the European Commission (EC), von Orban's announcement may violate the treaties of the Union, as stated by the spokesman of the EC, Natasha Bertaud:

"We find it hard to understand how this referendum fits into the process of decisions agreed by all Member States, including Hungary, in the light of the EU treaties. But the debate in the country doesn't seem to be completed and so we will wait for further clarification on this subject ".

To Hungary, which rejects the 2300 refugee quota assigned to the country, had already submitted a complaint against the plan before the Court of Justice, in December.

According to the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto:

"We have presented a complaint on quotas in court and we firmly believe that this decision is in breach of EU rules. The Hungarian people have the right to give their opinion on any intention or future decision to put this decision into practice on migratory quotas. "

The plan, approved last year but that cannot be applied, provides for the allocation of 160 1000 immigrants by EU Member St ates and faces the resistance of several Eastern European countries for whom the only solution is to close the borders.

Interviewed by German newspaper Bild, Viktor von Orban justified the decision to convoke a referendum, in saying, "migratory quotas in the EU threaten the ethnic, cultural and religious composition of Hungary and Europe", "this referendum is not against Europe but in defence of democracy".

The gesture of Budapest occurs after the Government has been the first to close the borders, in September, opposing the policy of "open doors" of the German Executive.

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