segunda-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2016

India: Caste Jat in revolt for rights and equal opportunities

Thousands of troops were moved to the State of Haryana, neighbouring New Delhi, following the violence that erupted after a week of protests.

The demonstrators belong to a relatively influential caste, the caste Jat, and require quotas of jobs in the public service, as well as places in universities.

The crisis that has lasted for days is to disrupt the water supply in the capital. "Due to continuous unrest in Haryana, the supply of water from the canal Munak to Delhi was stopped. Two days ago that there is no water and this created an acute crisis in Delhi. "

Groups of protesters blocked access to the channel of Haryana, which feeds the water treatment plant s of the Indian capital.

For this reason, the local Chief Executive announced water rationing and reported that schools will be closed until Monday to save.

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