sexta-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2016

Lech Walesa or Bolek? Documents show collaboration with Communists

The documents were discovered following the death of a Minister of the Communist era, and, according to the director of the Institute of national memory, Lukasz Kaminski, seem to be authentic: "folder in your home folder was an envelope in which we found a handwritten agreement of cooperation with Communist secret services signed Lech Walesa, Bolek. Among these documents was also a handwritten receipt of money confirmation signed with the code name Bolek. In the folder there were 279 dev operating pages with original covers, including numerous reports of secret collaborator Bolek. ".

Lech Walesa denies there is any link to the secret services of the Communist era. In 2000, was cleared by a special court being developer. In 2008 stated in an interview that doesn't meet with her signature documents to validate any kind of colla boration.

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