quinta-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2016

Yemen: 11 months of war and more than 35 1000 victims

Stephen O'Brien, Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and coordinator of emergency services called for a cease-fire in the UN Security Council: "since March 2015, there have been more than 35 1000 victims, including 6000 deaths. Are given health services across the country. The United Nations confirmed that about 3 1000 of those deaths and more than 600 wounded and 5 1000 are civilians. "

On the other hand, the blockade imposed by Saudi Arabia to Yemeni ports more didn't than aggravate the situation. Before the war began, the Yemen matter about of 90% of products. The UN report says the warring forces, the Coalition backed by Riyadh and the rebels Huti, don't doubt to attack civilian populations. Some of these attacks could constitute crimes against humanity. This Sunday, the Saudi military aviation bombed th e location history of Kawkaban. 5 people died and 10 were injured. Last week, there were tensions between Saudi Arabia and the United Nations. The Government in Riyadh called on humanitarian aid workers to abandon the rebel-controlled areas. Rebels are Shiite Muslims, and pro-Iranian Huti.

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