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China accuses Western conspiracy for disputed island with Taiwan and Vietnam

Beijing admitted that Wednesday have installed self-defence structures on an island in the South China Sea, which controls, but that is disputed also by Taiwan and Vietnam. The Chinese Government did not confirm, however, if you treat of surface-to-air missiles, as accused Taipei's Eve.

The island is known by the names Woody, Yongxing or Phu Lam, is part of the Paracel archipelago Amphitrite group, located to the East of Vietnam, South of Hong Kong and the southeast of Taiwan. The area is reportedly rich in oil.

China positioned surface-to-air missiles in the South China Sea https://t.co/iIHtDnZGtH pic.twitter.com/jFEmWwwrNe

The Chinese Government speaks in c onspiracy of disinformation. "We believe that this is an attempt by certain Western media to create new stories. (…) As for the self-defense facilities on the Islands and reefs where Chinese resources, it's all according to the self-preservation and the protection that China has the right according to international law. Therefore, there can be no doubt, "complained Wang Yi, the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, on the sidelines of a press conference after the reception in Beijing, the Australian counterpart, Julie Bishop.

The news of China have installed ground-to-air missiles on the island of Woody sailed from Taiwan. The American FOX News Network spread satellite images, in which are allegedly two batteries of eight ground-to-air missile launchers and a radar system on a beach of that island. The missiles would have arrived last week, since the images show the same empty Beach to 3 Fe bruary and from day 14, already occupied by the controversial devices.

At ASEAN-US Summit in Sunnylands, the Leaders reaffirmed key principles for cooperation. https://t.co/5HuCQq71VT pic.twitter.com/GxHLaPdnhw

The news comes up, interestingly, at the same time that the us President, Barack Obama, and ASEAN leaders (English acronym for Association of Southeast Asian Nations) concluded a Summit in California, United States. The tension in the South china sea was under discussion, but without references to China's property claim on islands in the region. "Any dispute between claimants must be resolved peacefully through legal means such as arbitration under the rules of the United Nations Convention bend the law of the sea, to which the parties are obliged to respect and obey", it merely affirm Obama at the en d of the Summit.

How has life at Yongxing Island in #SouthChinaSea changed as Chinese gov’t aims to build it into a modern cityhttps://t.co/2y9kOW0ecp

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