segunda-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2016

Little respected ceasefire in Syria

But in this list of incidents are not air raids that occurred during the early hours and Sunday morning in Aleppo. The attack was denounced by the Syrian Observatory for human rights and the opposition to the Assad regime, still 15 violations of ceasefire. Saudi Arabia also accuses Russia and the Government of Damascus of not having respected the truce.

Military aircraft attack six towns in western Syria and victinity of Aleppo â€" Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

And in the trading of charges, the Russian authorities ensure that Turkey left pass across the border, in the last few hours, 100 fighters to Syria. Fighters who surrounded the town of Tel Abyad which is under control of Kurdish-Syrian forces. Ankara d enies having had any intervention in this action.

The Turkish President Erdogan, this Sunday, declared that the ceasefire was a "partial membership, only a third of the territory was implemented".

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