segunda-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2016

Russia: thousands protest against Putin on the anniversary of the murder of Nemtsov

During the March, in the Russian capital, the former Prime Minister and prominent opposition leader Mikhail Kasyanov promised to "continue what was started with Nemtsov, a year ago, changing the political direction of the country, through elections". Kasyanov said that the opposition is "preparing to transform the imitation of the elections [President Vladimir] Putin truly fair elections".

The authorities prevented the access of protesters to the scene of the murder of Nemtsov, a stone's throw from the Kremlin.

The anniversary served as a show of force for opponents, just over six months parliamentary elections.

The independent Deputy Dmitry Gudkov argued tha t "If the opposition join forces and present a common list [...], it may be a different story," getting eventually "a fraction in Parliament will be a powerful tool of influence in society and in Government".

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