quarta-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2016

Syria (update): Regime and opposition agree to Truce from Saturday

The warring parties in Syria declared that they will abide by the ceasefire announced yesterday by United States and Russia.

The truce, which is due to come into force on Saturday, excludes the end of bombing against the Islamic State group (EI) and the fighters close to the Al-Qaida on the ground.

On the side of the Syrian regime Damascus stressed the need for "close all borders and suspending the foreign support to the armed groups on the ground", so that the Truce can succeed.

The main opposition group (Loud opposition to the negotiations Committee) has returned to demand, on the other hand, the lifting of the siege of 18 villages besieged by army and rebe ls as a "condition" that the ceasefire be respected.

Moscow said yesterday that it expects the Syrian authorities to comply with the truce, and called the United States to ensure the same opposition rebels.

This is the second truce in less than a week after a first ceasefire on Friday have ended without effect.

"Is the best solution, not only for the Government and the opposition, but to all Syrians," says a resident of Damascus.

Another inhabitant of the capital says, "will not work because the terrorists do not decide anything, all the decisions come from abroad. And our Government can decide to stop the attacks, but the rebels will not ac cept this decision of our Government. "

Since Monday that humanitarian aid began to flow to some of the cities under siege by the army, fulfilling one of the main demands of the opposition.

The ceasefire takes place days after Shi'ite and alawite State communities have been the target of violent attacks of the group in Damascus and Homs

Without mentioning the agreement to create a transitional Government, the Syrian regime announced yesterday, unexpectedly, the convening of elections for the day April 13, thirteen months before the agreed date.

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