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Turkey: Cumhuriyet journalist are already free

Turkish journalists Can Dündar and Erdem Gul were released during the night. On Thursday, the Constitutional Court ruled that the rights of the two men had been violated, by waiting, free, trial, scheduled for March.

Turkish journalists Can Dündar & Erdem Gül free; still face life sentences for reporting https://t.co/OByMlpPbf2 pic.twitter.com/gHSgCxUp0o

Interestingly, the release coincides with the anniversary of Recep Tayiip Erdogan, celebrating 62 years.

Asked about the coincidence, journalists reported being very happy to celebrate the birthday of the President and his own release.

"We think it's a historic decision of the Constitutional Court. This decision paves the way for the freedom of the press to freedom of expression. The judges have shown that are not under the yoke of political power. Paves the way for a free press to political pressures, "said Can Dundar, Chief Editor of the Cumhuriyet.

The head of the delegation in Ankara of the same newspaper, Erdem Gül, has not forgotten the comrades still detained:

"We were released but that does not mean that the debate about the imprisoned journalists is over. We still have friends detained and we will continue to fight for them. Our fight against pressure on the media has to continue. "

It should be noted that about 30 journalist s are currently held, in Turkey, mostly for alleged crimes related to freedom of expression.

The Chief Editor of the Cumhuriyet and the head of the delegation in Ankara had been imprisoned for more than three months, accused of espionage. Concerned, a report on which showed a shipment of arms of Turkey for Syrian Islamists rebels.

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