sábado, 27 de fevereiro de 2016

USA: Biden apologizes to Mexico by Trump declarations

What do we want the U.S.-Mexico economic relationship to look like in five to 20 years? Modern. Competitive. Integrated. Educated.

The Vice President of the United States said it was "compelled to apologize for what has been said by some politicians about Mexico and Mexicans. Is the heat of the campaign but I want you to know that the rhetoric used by some presidential candidates does not represent the majority of Americans ".

A clarification made in the third round of the called meeting of high-level economic dialogue between both countries. According to the u.s. Department of Commerce, trade between the u.s. and Mexico reach the 500 1000 million dollars a year.

Since that bit with the presidential campaign, the millionaire Trump has made a lot of Latin American criticism and, above all, the Mexicans. Came to classify them as drug dealers, criminals and rapists. Last week the Republican returned to make statements controversy. The Republican said that "Mexico is killing us on the border. On the border and in business. The Mexico is killing us!. Let's build a wall. Let's build a wall and who's going to pay? The Mexico ".

Donald Trump has also guaranteed that will expel all Mexican immigrants in the u.s. territory illegally.

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