sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2016

Brazil: judge suspends appointment of Lula da Silva as Minister

The initiative of judge Itagiba Catta Preta Neto, known opponent of the President of Brazil, it was known shortly after the inauguration of the predecessor and mentor at the Presidential Palace in the capital. According to the head of the Federal Court in Brasilia, there is evidence of crime of responsibility on the part of Rousseff.

At the ceremony of investiture, the President defended himself: "Brazil faces today, economic and political difficulties and, at this point, I don't want and can't do without anyone. At this point, we have to be together for Brazil; I, Lula, our political base, our social base and even opponents, who also want the best for the country. "

Opponents of Rousseff say the appointment of Lula de Silva aims to prevent t he arrest of the former President and the problems with the law in the Petrobras oil corruption scandal. A telephone conversation between the two, released last night, seems to confirm this thesis.

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