terça-feira, 1 de março de 2016

Chaos in Idomeni line: Migrants try to overthrow seal between Greece and Macedonia

Tensions on the border between Greece and Macedonia, where blocked more than 6000 immigrants.

A group of hundreds of refugees managed to force this morning a gate in the fence that separates the two countries, Idomeni line.

This is a transit camp for #refugees and #migrants full of tear gas. This is #Europe in 2016. pic.twitter.com/2XLrDK1lCl

The Macedonian police resorted to tear gas to prevent migrants enter the country.

Once H #refugeesgr throwing the fence in #eidomeni #idomeni-video source unknown-Terms @ knows let's write. pic.twitter.com/oCeGIq7qSl

#idomeni now. #gas pic.twitter.com/g9he45sQdj

According to the NGOs present at the scene, at least 15 people would have been injured following the police intervention, including 9 children.

UPDATE: We have treated 15 patients including 9 kids with respiratory issues and 7 including 3 kids for injuries from the fences.

Since a week ago that Skopje has been reducing the number of daily entries in the country, when only 10 people crossed the border from Idomeni line since Sunday.

A situation that increases the number of migrants in Idomeni line, when Greece fears more than 70 1000 people can be held in the country in March, when Austria, Croatia and Slovenia, decided to also slow the flow of entries in the country.

8,500 people in Idomeni waiting to cross the border. Days ago that field exceeded its capacity pic.twitter.com/5F7eAtFX7N

Currently about 22 1000 migrants are in Greek territory from Turkey. About of 2000 will be children.

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