terça-feira, 1 de março de 2016

Greece: Piraeus port continues to receive thousands of refugees

Despite border restrictions, for most the goal is to head north, towards the "European dream". Still in the Greek port, groups of refugees were to ask Macedonia to open the crossings and allow it to proceed to Northern Europe.

Asked about the closing of borders, a Syrian explains that you can't "do anything", but adds that he still wants to "move on, because maybe something happens and things change". Says that "perhaps the border is open" when you get there and ask for the "help of God".

An Iraqi claims to be "worried and scared" and says he just wants to "survive and find peace".

The authorities recently launched two new reception centres with capacity for 2000 peo ple in mainland Greece and ancient Olympic facilities provided to the South from the capital to the refugees, while Athens asked the European Union for emergency funds to deal with the unprecedented migration crisis.

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