quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2016

Corruption in football: FIFA goes on the attack and requires millions of compensation

An anti-corruption investigation targeted the injured victim and claim compensation. The "new" FIFA, now led by Gianni Infantino, points the finger at former senior officials with connection to the body and injured by alleged acts of bribery occurring around some official competitions such as the world of assignments, France in 1998, and South Africa, in 2010.

The South Africa, for example, is accused of having paid more than 10 million euros in bribes to arrange the world for almost six years.

FIFA recognizes that South Africa bought votes for the https://t.co/U62Nkwcu5V #economico #de World pic.twitter.com/4Oap2GX1Tk

FIFA announced Wednesday to send some do cuments to American justice, which since the middle of last year leads a maximum body-centered anti-corruption investigation of football based in Zurich, Switzerland.

FIFA admits come to require almost 30 million dollars for compensation to officers whose involvement in these cases of corruption is proven. Among them are former Presidents of the Brazilian Confederation of soccer, Ricardo Teixeira and José Maria Marin, but also the current leader of football "Canary", Marco Polo del Nero.

Corruption: Fifa is asking $ 20 million severance package is Del Nero, Teixeira and Marin https://t.co/Wof5VYQLHK pic.twitter.com/EMToWDThWw

American research in course has already resulted in nearly 40 senior officials. The most famous are the former FIFA President Joseph Blatter and UEFA President Michel Platini, both altuamente suspended from any connection to football, but for now safe from claims for damages of the organism.

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