quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2016

France: 4 Detainees suspected of planning "violent actions" in France

The Quartet of alleged Muslims â€" three men and a woman â€" is registered on the so-called "file" (file of suspected attacks on State security) for radicalism, revealed the French Interior Minister, detailing a little more of the cases.

"Violent actions project": suspected Islamists arrested in region parisienne https://t.co/Qe3lpvcfAN #AFP

"In relation to one of the people we arrested, we have information to suggest that this person might be planning to take part in violent actions in France. This individual may have been in contact with people in Syria belonging to the Group of self-proclaimed Islamic State, "said Bernard Cazeneuve, reporters.

After the arrests, the President Francois Hollande was asked about the case and warned that "the level of terrorist threat remains very high" in France, justifying it with what happened this week in Brussels and with these detention in Paris.

Bernard Cazeneuve was more cautious against possible threats. The French Minister of the Interior stated that "every day there are similar arrests" to this Wednesday. "Since the beginning of the year we arrest of 74 individuals, of which 37 resulted in the opening of proceedings, 28 in prisons and judicial controls 8:00 pm", specified.

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