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Enhanced security at European airports

Zaventem airport, scene of one of the attacks of Brussels, will remain closed at least until Friday, Belgian news agency reported.

Even before the special meeting, scheduled for this Thursday, the Ministers responsible for police forces in the 28 Member States of the European Union, security has been beefed up at major airports and train stations in Europe.

How the Brussels attacks exposed soft underbelly of airport security https://t.co/bJ4T1XufY8 pic.twitter.com/ZjhfuUemxq

France is in a State of emergency since the attacks in Paris in November, and in the city, as in other European capitals, as well as additional patrols have been strengthened ch ecks on passengers and baggage transportation in particular.

Airport security in spotlight after #Brussels attacks: https://t.co/xp547IfUkr pic.twitter.com/EAi6c2kvpL

In Frankfurt, a traveller claims to feel "very safe in Germany". Says not to be "worried" because he sees "police everywhere" and that "security channel".

The Brussels attacks happened outside airport security sectors. So how do we prevent them? https://t.co/HoJ0sIAdZY

Italy has raised the security level at airports and called a meeting of the National Security Commission to "assess new measures to combat and prevent the terrorist threat".

< string xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/">Portugal has strengthened control measures of passengers and put more joint patrols at the airports.

Next week, a group of European experts will discuss the introduction of security checks at the entrance of the airports:

#EU to discuss airport security next week - https://t.co/rxNSzr3M4y

The debate on the strengthening of security at airports must also reach the Congress of the United States:

After Brussels, Democrats to push for tighter airport security in FAA bill https://t.co/qExwEISZyT | Getty pic.twitter.com/pRBmsRBJlX

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