quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2016

Obama: the man who made history in Cuba

It's the end of a historic visit whose impact is hard to understand at once. What is clear is that Obama managed to throw for Earth Raul Castro's speech centered on the evils of American imperialism.

A feat that the us President reached with tact, diplomacy, perhaps even humility in recognizing that sanctions imposed on Cuba since 1962, did not work. Still, and before the "staff" of the Communist regime, advocated the benefits of democracy:

"As President of the United States asked the Congress to lift the ban (...) I believe that this visit demonstrates that do not need to see the United States as a threat. (…) I am also confident that need not fear the different voices of the Cuban people and its ability to unite and vote for their leade rs, "said Obama. An appeal to civil liberties that Cubans heard, live, on television. Its position on the embargo was, of course, welcomed in the streets of Havana:

"When I need to buy a medicine you need to get it to Japan. And if there's not the Americans sell components. All this implies is bad for the Government and the big businessmen of the United States and to the people of Cuba, "said Agustin Lopez Guevara, resident of Havana.

But what the Cubans feel, for visiting and the effects that it has and will have in the future, especially for those who have family in the us, is inexplicable:

"It's so big that little heart I have left I can't express it," vents Adela Virgen Servino, a Cuban citizen.

But not everything about this visit was easy to digest to the Cuban President. At a press conference, the question of political prisoners was, to say the least, embarrassing:

"Report me, right now, the list of political prisoners to be released. Which political prisoners? Tell me the names? Or, at the end of the meeting, present me a list with the prisoners, "asked Castro.

The list, in part, with 77 names, there is. But, perhaps more embarrassing to Raul Castro has been Barack Obama's meeting with a group of dissidents at the Embassy of the United States. One more way to demarcate since Pope Francisco, or François Hollande or even Federica Mogherini dared to do it.

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