terça-feira, 8 de março de 2016

Flint received duel Sanders – Clinton on the eve of the primaries in Michigan

Motivated by three victories in the weekend, Sanders, in a mocking tone, promised to "invest a lot in mental health. Just look at the debates of the Republicans to figure out why ", released in a clear allusion to the disturbing eccentric Trump style.

The debate took place in Flint, black-majority city, which has been in the news in recent months because of the contamination of tap water with lead as a result of a Government decision to change the source of supply to save money.

One of the most active voices in criticism of what happened in the case of the poisoned water, the filmmaker Michael Moore, a native of Flint, welcomed the quality of the debate:

An amazing debate. Candidates grilled by citizens w/ serous questions. Thank u CNN & Dem Party 4 giving Flint the podium. TY Hillary& Bernie

The gun control debate was present too, with Hillary Clinton to argue that "it was a mistake to give immunity to manufacturers and vendors".

The former first lady and former Secretary of State continues in front of the count of delegates for the nomination and has the upper hand in the polls for the duel Tuesday, precisely in Michigan.

The New York Times published a summary of the debate in Flint:

Key moments in the Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders https ://t.co/CV2zXt3w5e

And CNN made a summary of the hottest moments of the debate: the sounds (and images) of the night in Flint:

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