segunda-feira, 7 de março de 2016

Ukraine: Protesters demand release of pilot trial in Russia

A peaceful protest against the arrest and trial of the Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Sávchenko, degenerated into violence when several demonstrators threw eggs and rocks at the building, some security barriers.

Diplomatic installations had been already stage protests on Saturday, when Russian justice is expected to rule this week on the sentence against the pilot, on hunger strike since Thursday.

Sávchenko had been captured by rebels pró-russos in June 2014.

For a protester in Kiev: "Nadiya Sávchenko is like the Ukraine, faces the same challenge, freedom or death".

For the sis ter of the detained, Turns Sávchenko: "Europe and the United States have to be able to find a common language with the Russian President, I don't know if through economic pressure or politics, or just through words. Even though we have already noticed that Russia only understands the language of force and economic pressure ".

Savchenko had intensified the hunger strike to stop drinking water, on Thursday, after the court having prevented from testifying at the end of the process.

The sentence shall be pronounced by the end of the week, when the State owned health worsens day by day.

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