sábado, 26 de março de 2016

France: police arrest bombing suspect abort

According to Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, this arrest is the result of an investigation conducted for several weeks in close cooperation with the security services in Europe.

"This operation did fail a project of bombing in France which was in early phase of preparation," said Cazeneuve, adding that "the individual detained, of French nationality, is suspected of high-level involvement, in coordination with a terrorist network that planned to reach our country."

The anti-terrorist brigade evacuated about 50 people from a building at number 185 of the Boulevard du Général Delambre, searching for explosives, and cut about 200 metres of access around the site.

According to the Minister of the Interior, was not found any connection between the individual arrested and the bombings of Paris in November 2015, and Brussels, two days ago.

#Argenteuil: at this point, no tangible element binds this project to the bombings in Paris and #Bruxelles pic.twitter.com/0o9jhEha7r

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