sábado, 26 de março de 2016

Belgium: Three suspected terrorists detained in front of the headquarters of the Federal Public Prosecutor's Office in Brussels

The Belgian police detained six people tonight in two districts of Brussels in a new antiterrorist operation in the framework of the investigation into Tuesday's attacks.

Among those arrested are three men trapped inside a vehicle in front of the headquarters of the federal public prosecutor's Office in Brussels.

The other two operations aimed at the districts of Jette and Schaerbeek in the Belgian capital.

The authorities should provide more details about the operation this morning, when they're still searching for the third man of the attack on the capital airport and a second accomplice to the attack against the Maelbeek metro.

Brussels fulfilled yesterday a new moment of silence amid doubts about the authorities ' response to terrorist threats.

The Ministers of the Interior and Justice had presented resignation Belgian, denied by the Prime Minister, given the flaws in the process.

The Belgian press progressed yesterday that Salah Abdeslam, suspect the attacks of Paris, would have been interrogated only once after the arrest last week, when he'd be aware of Tuesday's attacks.

The Belgian newspaper "Deniére Heure", advances this morning that the police would have knowledge of the address of Abdeslam in Molenbeek (where he was detained last Friday) since December.

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