domingo, 27 de março de 2016

Washington believes have eliminated number two of ISIL

The number two of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, Abd al Rahman Mustafa al Qaduli was killed this week during a u.s. attack in Syria.

The information initially advanced by NBC was, however, confirmed at a press conference by the Secretary of Defense of United States.

"We are systematically to eliminate elements of the ISIL. The u.s. military killed several terrorist leaders of this organization and we believe that among them is Haji Imam. A leader of the ISIL who worked as Minister of finance and responsible for some foreign group "refers to Ashton Carter.

Al Qaduli also known as Hajji Iman was from 2014, one of the men most wanted by the United States wh ich offered a reward of about 6 million euros for information leading to the capture of radical leader.

In 2004, Al Qaduli joined Al-Qaeda in Iraq.

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