quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2016

Joe Biden criticizes Palestinian silence before violent attacks

A wave of violence available in multiple armed attacks and stabbings to Israelis was criticized by the American vice President, Joe Biden, on a visit to Israel.

Tragic attack in Jaffa today, taking the life of an American. There is no justification for such acts of terror.

Biden claimed to be with his wife Jill and their grandchildren to dinner on a beach in Tel Aviv when a Palestinian killed an American tourist with a knife and injured 11 other people, not far from him.

In Jerusalem, after a meeting with the Israeli Prime Minister, Biden aimed at the Palestinian leadership: "Let me say without any doubt that the United States of America condemns these acts a nd condemn not condemnation of these acts," he said.

Palestine responds with the despair of the attackers by the absence of an independent State.

Since October, attacks carried out by Palestinians killed 28 Israelis and two Americans.

Israel security forces killed at least 179 Palestinians, 121 of which, they say, were attackers.

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