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Mexico compares "rhetoric" of Trump that of Hitler and Mussolini

A "shrill rhetoric" in a period of crisis that in the past only led "fatal scenarios in the history of mankind".

The President of Mexico responds to the tirade of Donald Trump, who wants to seal the United States with a wall in lane South.

For Enrique Peña Nieto, the speech "populist" of Republican proto-candidato is similar to that conducted "Hitler and Mussolini" to power.

Mexican president compares Donald Trump's tone to Hitler and Mussolini's https://t.co/Y3eYDdjvzP pic.twitter.com/U7mMwup457

Peña Nieto joins Mexican ex-presidents in denouncing Trump: Mexico' s president, Enrique Pe?a Nieto, issued... https://t.co/xm9WyaDAwF

In the campaign toward the White House, Trump accused the Mexico to send "rapists and drug dealers" to the United States and promises to make the neighbouring country "pay" the extension of the wall to close the border.

The Mexico already said there was "no scenario" in which you will pay. American security experts consider that any wall will be "ineffective" and a waste of billions of dollars because "people who entered with a visa and stayed in the country (USA) without authorization represent a third of the illegals," said Faye Hipsman, from the Department of homeland security of the United States (DHS).

Given that cross-border bilateral relations are worth 1 mill ion dollars per minute, represent millions of jobs and to "counteract incorrect information," Mexico is preparing a public relations campaign with the aim of clarifying and Captivate Americans:

Mexico faces Trump with charm - Millennium https://t.co/JRs12zfr7H pic.twitter.com/lT4Vypa7RQ

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