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Refugees continue to arrive by the hundreds to Greece

Refugees continue to arrive by the hundreds, Idomeni line, on the border between Greece and Macedonia. About a thousand this Friday but were few, 187 according to the UN Agency for refugees, who entered in the former Yugoslav Republic.

The Governor of the Central Greek province of Macedonia is asking to be declared a State of emergency and criticizes the actions of the authorities across the border:

"The former Yugoslav Republic should open the borders, immediately, and the European Union should take severe measures against countries close their borders," said Apostolos Tzitzikostas.

The hard journey of refugees in their countries to Europe, many lose thei r documents, or are stolen them, what makes life. In the case of Taher who traveled with the two daughters to join his wife and son in Sweden:

"We were able to cross with great difficulty and adverse conditions, robbed, stolen on the road, we lose everything, even our passports," says Taher a journalist.

In #Idomeni, MVoroskereszt continues to assist <a href="">HRC_SAMARITES in providing basic healthcare to those stranded.</a>

The promised "El Dorado" disappoint European refugees before the final destination:

"This is Europe?"-Asks Taher with irony the journalist â€" "very good ... If I knew, I wouldn't have moved on. "

Reporter: are you planning to go back to Syria.

"No, I'm thinking of suicide ..." answers Taher, after a few seconds of silence, albeit with a smile on his lips.

Mud-soaked migrants fight for food as Greek border blockade drags on #Idomeni

More than 30 1000 refugees are stranded at the Idomeni line, in Greece. The field has been extended, it has more tents but who got here this may not be the end of the line.

Sunrise at #Idomeni after a rainy night. Sm ell â€" burning wood. Sound â€" children coughing.

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