quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2016

"Super Tuesday": Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton trade accusations

Is the first big day of the pre-race for the White House. Several u.s. States vote on "Super Tuesday" (Super Tuesday), day considered crucial to elect candidates that Democrats and Republicans will fight for the November presidential.

Hillary Clinton, given as favourite in the race against Democrat Bernie Sanders, campaigned in Minnesota and has launched attacks on Republicans: "I am against intolerance and intimidation wherever you listen and hear often of Republican candidates. Looks like they forgot completely of the most important issues and began basing their campaigns on insults. "

From the Republican side, Donald Trump, favorite in most States, intensifies the concerns of rival candidates of the party. In the campaign that took place in Iowa, Trump also spared no criticism of Democrat Hillary Clinton: "Hillary Clinton does not have the power or the strength of character to be President. Didn't notice that goes to a meeting and then disappears for five days and when it comes back it's all prepared, his interviews are prepared before the issues. We don't do that ".

The independent Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, voted the hometown of Burlington. Sanders admitted it will be difficult, if the number of voters is not high enough. Of the four Democrats voting held so far, Hillary Clinton won three (Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina), while Bernie Sanders won only one (New Hampshire).

Ted Cruz voted in Texas, accompanied by his wife and two daughters. Texas is the only State where bookmark it and able to beat billionaire Donald Trump.

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