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The impressive (and cyclic) collapse of Argentine glacier Perito Moreno

The phenomenon was received with much anticipation on the part of tourists and curious locals. It was around 10:55 (local time) that produced the collapse of major ice masses that form the glacier.

The Perito Moreno glacier is part of a set of over 200 such formations which form part of the Glacier National Park of Argentina, located in the province of Santa Cruz. Receives per year, more than 700 1000 tourists from all over the world.

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According to scientists, the natural phenomenon of vourself of the masses of ice produced by the pressure exerted by the waters of Lago Argentino in a natural dam that the glacier, known as the great white, will form as it advances on the rocky shores of the region.

Referred to will pressure causing cracks on the glacier until you can form an arch, which ultimately fall and cause an impressive phenomenon of collapse and which is repeated over time, yet always different.

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It was in March of 2012 that this phenomenon has taken place for the last time, while the last collapse occurred in 2008. The vourself of ice usually happens at this time of year, which corresponds to the end of the austral summer, even if it has already happened in winter.

The Perito Moreno glacier has about 200 kilometers long and is located between the Andes mountain range, the natural border between Argentina and Chile. It is one of the few formations of this type that is steady and little influenced by the effects of global warming.

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Is still situated in the Southern Patagonian ice field, the third most important ice concentration in the world after the poles and measures about 60 meters high.

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