quarta-feira, 16 de março de 2016

"There is no ' plan B ' to Syria"

"There is no ' plan B ' to resolve the bloody war in Syria, beyond the return to total war".

The warning was made by the United Nations mediator, Staffan de Mistura, during peace talks in Geneva.

But prospects are positive, especially after the announcement of the withdrawal of Russian troops.

An idea shared by the representative of the opposition.

"We have to be sure about the nature of the decision and what it truly means. If there is an effective withdrawal of the troops, then that is positive. But we have to see it translated on the ground, "said Salim al-Muslat, represen tative of the High Committee for the negotiations (opposition).

The UN mediator met on Monday with representatives of the Government. This Tuesday is the time of the opposition.

"Just from the outcome of the negotiations with the two groups do we understand if the negotiations will continue, i.e. a road map prepared by Staffan de Mistura, based on 2254 and Geneva law 1. Otherwise declare the end of the negotiations, "explains Omar Kouch Syrian affairs specialist.

The United Nations estimates that the Syrian conflict that lasts five years ago have made 250 1000 dead.

The door to peace is ajar during cooking.

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