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Brazil: Lula accepts invitation from Dilma to the Government and travels to Brasilia

The former President of Brazil, Lula da Silva, have accepted the invitation of the current Chief of staff, Dilma Rousseff, to assume a position in the Government of Brazil. According to the newspaper O Globo, the predecessor in the Chair of the brazilian power is expected still this Tuesday in Brasilia, for a conversation with the successor in order to define the conditions for its entry into the Executive.

Lula let SP to meet Rousseff in Brasilia. https://t.co/7p0hQocJfJ pic.twitter.com/P43S59pNsj

The possible entry of the Government guarantees the Lula da Silva judicial immunity, which is at the heart of the anti-corruption investigation of operation "car wash". The Minister of the Solicitor-General's Office denies this strategy. " He's not coming to escape Justice. The possible presence of him does not refer to criminal armor. This is a person who can contribute a lot. It would be offensive (with the Supreme Court) to say that Lula is being appointed to be shielded, because Ministers are subject to the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court ", stated this Tuesday Jose Eduardo Cardozo.

According to some sources close to Lula da Silva, rousseff would have application to the comrade of the workers ' Party (PT) to take over a Ministry and with this revert in Congress the process of "impeachment", that is, the constitutional process that could lead to the impeachment of the presidential term.

The Globe said that the main function delegated by Dilma Lula would be to bring the Brazilian democratic movement Party (PMDB). So before you formally ac cept the invitation to join the Government, the former President should hold some meetings with prominent figures of "PMDB", including the President of the Senate, Renan Calheiros.

There is, however, the theory that the Lula Government input may result in the weakening of Rousseff, with Hi former head of State to resume the reins of the country's shadow. The Globe claims that Dilma is not worried about this scenario.

The post waiting for Lula da Silva in the Government, said some brazilian press, will be the head of the General Secretariat of the Government of Brazil. By morning, the former President shared a video on Facebook serving a gym session (see more below).

Opposition will trigger Justice if Lula assume Min istry of Dilma https://t.co/wpx6ty5MB9 pic.twitter.com/ohE3hOoigh

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