domingo, 13 de março de 2016

Tzipi Livni defended the Union of moderates to defeat Islamic jihadists

"It's not a religious war between the Islamic world and others, is among these radical Islamic groups that turn Islamic religion into something it's not. So, I believe the moderates, those who believe that Islam is something different, you have to join and fight against them. We see only the beginning of it, but it must be something wider and stronger, "said Tzipi Livni, in Azerbaijan, the Baku Forum on global security.

However, Russian military and troops from the Syrian regime to try to regain the historic town of Palmyra, which fell into the hands of the self-styled Islamic State in 2015.

In the town of Karakoubry, North of Aleppo, the jihadist group has suffered a defeat.

Rebel fighters the Brigade Ahfad Saladin in cooperation with Al Quds Brigades and Faylak Al Sham reconquered the city that was in power in the Islamic State.

The rebels have promised to continue the fight to liberate Syria of jihadists

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